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Your name is TEREZI PYROPE and you are absolutely DONE with the game of SGRUB.

M!A's: Accepting once more! Do send some, you may need to spice things up a little.

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List of M!A's (feel free to add some!)
Rightful Ruler: The muse believes they are the heir to a throne but is being held back by ___ for one week. They will do anything and everything to overthrow the specified person, even going as far as to try to kill them.
Mysophobia: The muse is terrified of germs and everything dirty for ___.
Handle with Care: The muse will be overly emotional and will break down into tears for seemingly no reason whatsoever for the next 48 hours.
One Thing: The muse will be have a craving for a specific item, food, or person for the next ___.
Exhibitionism: The muse will want to have sex in very public places for the next 24 hours.
Anarchy: The muse will want to overthrow the general order of society for 3 days.
Baby be Mine: The muse will try to seduce the next five people they come across, whether through an ask or a rp.
Switcheroo: The muse will trade places with ___ (has to be approved by the other rp'er) and assume their role and personality for one week.
Fountain of Youth: The muse will have magically discovered a spring that rolls back the muse's age. The effects last for four days, and the age shall be specified by the anon.
Aglet: The muse will spew little-known-facts for ___.
Secret Identity: The muse will become a superhero/villain for the next ___.
Paranoia: The muse will think there's somebody (may or may not be specified) stalking them for two weeks.
Junky: Muse will have an extreme addiction to something, whether it be a drug, alcohol, food, sex, or whatever else, for five days. The addiction shall be specified by the anon.
Hot and Cold: The muse will have uncontrollable mood swings for ___.
Crossplay: The muse shall be genderbent for the next 3 days.
Hiccup: Muse will be drunk for six hours, heavy slur and obnoxious hiccups included.
Bloodplay: The muse will have an unhealthy obsession with being hurt and caused to bleed. They will beg to be hurt and go into a perpetual state of arousal at the mere sight of blood. The only way to break the spell is through having a very, very rough session of sex.