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Your name is TEREZI PYROPE and you are absolutely DONE with the game of SGRUB.

M!A's: Accepting once more! Do send some, you may need to spice things up a little.

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Homestuck-themed M!A List
John: Even if your muse isn't normally friendly, now they are. They gain a goofy attitude and will be an all-around good sport. They'll stay this way for roughly three days.
Dave: Guess what. Your muse must now speak in raps and nothing else for the next 48 hours.
Rose: So your muse doesn't think magic's real? Well, guess it's time they started believing because now they have the ability to use it for the next seven days.
Jade: Your muse has now acquired a green thumb and a fascination for gardening. However, anything that they grow over the next two weeks will randomly disappear.
Jane: All of the greatest detectives out there have a mustache and a fedora, even you. That's right--you're one of the world's up-and-coming detectives. Or, at least, until you crack a case.
Dirk: It seems your muse has found they have a knack for building robots. Better go buy a tool set, too, because they'll have to build five robots before they're satisfied.
Roxy: Well, would you look at that? It seems your muse has become invisible to those around them. Unless they speak to the other first, it will be hard for anyone to see them. They'll stay like this for 24 hours.
Jake: Your muse has now become oblivious to the very obvious things around him, and will stay this way for no more than five days.
Bro: Well, what have we hear? It seems your muse has found a new fetish that absolutely fascinates them. This new obsession will be picked by the anon and can only be quelled by actually seeing this new fetish in action.
Aradia: Whoops, looks like something's happened and your muse now is in need of a new body for their spirit to take over. Basically, your muse is now a robot, and this will last up until the machine is destroyed. Or until you tire of the new body.
Tavros: If your muse was shy and awkward, they now have gained a full bottle of boldness that will last anywhere from two days to a month. If your muse is pretty darn headstrong, however, they become meek and uncertain for at least a week.
Sollux: The muse now has a dual personality, one of which can be caring while the other is a straight-up douche. The only thing that's constant is the sarcasm and the amount of time it lasts, which can be determined by the anon.
Karkat: Regardless of your muse's current dating status, they now feel as if everyone is abandoning them. This feeling will persist for two weeks.
Nepeta: Look at that, it seems your muse is now a cat. The anon gets to decide what kind of cat--domestic? or maybe a lion?--but you'll stay this way until you've successfully found an owner.
Kanaya: Does your muse have a sense of fashion? If you answered yes, your character now loses that sense and dresses in sweats and mismatched outfits. If no, then they'll have to dress fashionably. Regardless of how you answered, they'll have to stay this way for at least two days.
Terezi: Seems your muse has had an unhealthy dose of revenge and has temporarily gone blind. However, they will be able to 'see' through scent and taste alone! Have fun with these new-found senses because they'll last no less than four days.
Vriska: Quick! Roll the dice! 1-4 means your muse will have good luck for a week; 5-8 means bad luck for two weeks. ( Use this site here: http://www.bgfl.org/bgfl/custom/resources_ftp/client_ftp/ks1/maths/dice/ )
Equius: Your muse has come into a great quantity of milk so they decide to taste it. When they do, they gain almost superhuman strength and the STRONG urge to fight. However, with their new muscles, your muse will have to learn to control their urges for the week that the effects last!
Gamzee: It seems your muse has been deprived of something they can't possibly live without. You know what that means? That's right--they're going to go crazy and get murderous.
Eridan: You now has a sense that something is very wrong. When you try to tell others, however, it seems they as if they don't believe you. Well, fine. As of this moment, you turn against everyone you know and love to join the opposing team. You won't see the wrong in your choice until either you or someone close to you gets severely hurt and/or killed.
Feferi: You are now a friend to seadwelling animals, so much so that you've developed fins and gills. Better find some saltwater, and quick or else you'll drown! You'll need to stay there for at least a week.
Damara: あなたのミューズは現在、日本語で話さなければならない。 (Translated: Your muse must now speak in Japanese.) This will last for only a day. If your character already speaks Japanese, feel free to choose another foreign language!
Rufioh: Your muse is now one hot little bastard. So hot that you can't possibly stay with one person. Feel free to sleep around, but expect dire consequences after the five days are up.
Mituna: Your muse is now very sensitive to touch and will want to avoid any kind of physical contact for the next 48 hours.
Kankri: Oh no, it seems your muse has suddenly become very sensitive to triggers. Make sure that they point this out as often as possible for the next week or so.
Meulin: What's that? I'm sorry, but the muse can't hear you anymore. The remedy can be found through the concern of a loved one.
Porrim: Your muse now feels the need to mother the very next person they talk to, even if the muse has never spoken to them before. The effects will wear off after successfully tucking someone into bed (or after four days).
Latula: Go get your skateboard because you've got som3 r4d sk1lls, gurl. Shred away to your heart's content, or at least until your three days are over.
Aranea: You are now obsessed with sharing as much information about those close to you as you possibly can. You will tell anyone anything, and you won't stop until someone falls asleep.
Horuss: The muse now has an unhealthy obsession with horses to the point that they begin making bad puns based around them. Lucky you, it only lasts for a day.
Kurloz: Better hope your muse knows sign language because for the next week their lips are sewn shut. Literally. (You may decide whether it scars or not.)
Cronus: I'm sorry, but the muse will now feel the need to hit on everyone and anyone. They won't easily take no for an answer, and will only revert to their previous state after they have found someone to 'satisfy' them.
Meenah: The muse will be obsessed with making money and will do anything just to gain it. This need will not be satisfied until they have managed to score a large sum of money.
Calliope: The muse is required to develop a -sona, which shall be specified by the anon. They will have to remain in-character for at least 72 hours.
Caliborn: The muse has a superiority complex and feels that they are better than everyone else for no less than five days.
JuJu: The muse has now gone 'trickster' and will stay that way for no more than two weeks.